Enjoying the Slow Life with Jorg & Olif

Slow Life Company I’ve been having a lovely time editing a Slow Life Magazine for the wonderful Jorg & Olif, a Dutch Bicycle company.

This is a perfect fit for me, since it gives me the chance to write about things like:

All of these articles are dream pieces, combining online geekery, camping, Dutch stuff (when not buying Dutch tents, I’m buying Dutch child seats for bicycles), a long-standing obsession with the Small House Movement, lifehacking and general eco-worrying.

If you want to read more of my pieces for Jorg & Olif (and don’t worry, I don’t write the whole site — otherwise it would just be a laundry list of my current obsessions) you can check out the Katie Lee author page.

It’s a great example of brands owning their own media, with a remit to cover anything related to the Slow Life Movement — even if that means writing about and linking to other bicycle brands.

Jorg & Olif is  a great company, with true vision and a fantastic ethic. I’m proud to be working with them.

Slow Life Movement Magazine on Jorg & Olif.