Here’s what I remember about going back to work properly after having my first daughter.

  1. Katie Lee CecilyI felt weird, lumpy and my centre of gravity had shifted thanks to giant milk-filled mammaries and a recently acquired excess layer of cake-based flabbage.
  2. I was in constant fear of not just leaking a bit of milk, but actually flooding the local area.
  3. My vagina still hurt.

I’d barely had a full night’s sleep in nine months and whenever I did sleep, I ground my teeth so much I literally shattered my front tooth. So you can imagine I went into those early client meetings feeling serene, relaxed, in control and ready to take on the world. I was back! I was still fabulous! I was… wait a second, is that dried biscuit or poo on my top?

The first big meeting I had with a potential new client was like a bad episode of Ally McBeal. It was a farce of epic proportions. And prat-falling her way through the whole thing like a lactating Bridget Jones was me.

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She was just a stressed out mom until she discovered this simple trick

7-DAY EMOTIONAL UPGRADE - (1)…Just kidding. There is no simple trick. Sorry stressed moms (or mums if you will, which I… will). Please just continue drinking wine.

Anyway, I’ve just always wanted to write one of those Upworthy headlines and none of my current clients would be seen dead using an open-loop clickbait headline. They’re too classy, dammit.

The point is that I wrote an ecourse and I want you to DO IT! It’s FREE!

But is this ecourse right for you?

I have prepared a simple flow chart.

Actually, scratch that. I spent 5 minutes on trying to build a flow-chart and realised I don’t have enough life for this nonsense.

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It’s funny (people who don’t even know me have told me so it must be true), hopefully useful, entirely free, and – the best part – only a week long, so if you really hate it you can just ignore me until I go away.

Ask yourself these simple if slightly odd questions.

√ Do I own a uterus?

√ Has it been inhabited?

√ When I gave birth, did I ever think some variation on “hmm, it feels like someone keeps deleting my self-identity to make space for information about nipple thrush.”

√ Do I need more emails even though I sometimes wonder if the time I spend deleting all the emails I get is the time our ancestors spent wandering amongst daffodils composing verse.

√ Have I ever felt guilty about my childcare arrangements, felt stretched at work,  been embarrassed to leave work early, questioned my choices, wanted a pedicure, wondered what happened to that 20-something with the great tits?

√ Do I just want this list of questions to end?

If the answer to any of those questions is YES then SIGN UP NOW! Please join me – I need the validation to keep my ego stoked.

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Here’s what people are saying (mainly my friends):

All so timely, relevant and funny, just so helpful in knowing that we all share same feelings and experiences. Thank you, keep ’em coming! ~ Lia

Ha ha ha – this is hilarious. ~ Caroline

This stuff is great, Katie. It’s yoga without the yoga speak. I’m going to pass it on to lots of people. Love stuff like this when it’s written with humour. ~ Ruth

What do you get if you cross the humble wisdom of the Barefoot Doctor with the irreverent wit of Caitlin Moran…Katie Lee! ~ Lia (again – she really likes the course, ok!)

The way you write has me full-on chortling at my desk! Thanks for making me smile today! ~ Tracey

I’ve just finished reading the first bit AND AM ENJOYING IT SO MUCH! Just had to stop and tell you. Especially as I want to read all the others at once.  This is a book. A musical? A film. A new HBO drama. ~ Julia

Why did I write an ecourse?

Good question, I’m glad you asked.

For fun. Because I had some excellent guidance from Sue Smith. Because I wanted to write something. Because I wanted to make you laugh. And feel better.

I have no big plans for this course. I am throwing it out into the world and seeing what happens. It’s free and always will be. There’s no upsell. Join us!

PS. Some people have said that any woman would enjoy this course, not just the ones who know what an episiotomy is. You’re welcome to join, but maybe cover your eyes when I talk about vaginas. Again.

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Life Exists After Parenthood – My New Podcast!

Katie Lee Podcast

Just when it looked like I’d vanished completely off the internet, I go and launch two new projects! As well as my new eCourse (sign up, it’s free and also a bit silly!) I’ve started a podcast.

The LEAP Podcast with Katie Lee!

I’ll be interviewing top business owners about their experience of having children while on the job, how it affected their confidence, what they did with their childcare arrangements, and how they continued to be supreme beings even when there was a bit of vomit on their top.

First up we have the incomparable Jo Behari, entrepreneur, parent, all-round excellent human (and funny to boot).

Let me know what you think! And if you’d like to be interviewed, or if you know a fabulous female entrepreneur who can tell me some tales, please get in touch!

Update: It’s now on iTunes! Subscribe! Review!

I’m one of Hiscox’s Small Business Stars! Check me!

ShinykatieThe other week, I featured on Hiscox’s Small Business Stars blog for my work as agency founder and entrepreneur of my digital media agency, Miramus.

I was chosen to appear on the blog to talk about my experience of the industry and the importance of having contacts in the blogging world.

Here’s the part where my natural modesty leads me to conclude that I magically stay abreast of the industry via some form of osmosis as yet unknown to science:

“Sometimes I think I’ve fallen behind with stuff, but then I go out and talk to normal humans and get my perspective back. I read the C_ncentrate newsletter every week and then I’ll do a quick scan through of Smartbrief every few weeks to see what’s going on. I also just absorb information from friends in the industry and Twitter, as well as reading other industry sites.”

Read my full interview here on the Hiscox blog.

The question that’s keeping you all awake at night: What am I up to at the moment?

Five Minute Power Nap ArtSince is going through a personality crisis at the moment (it will be back with a spangly new responsive theme at some point), here’s a quick work-based update:

1. We’re still working with the wonderful people over at Unilever. We’ve been fortunate enough to work with the Personal Care and Foods team. I’ve also been doing a project with Dove which I probably won’t ever get to talk about, but I’ve enjoyed immensely.

2. We set up for Sue Smith. I’ve really enjoyed working with her on getting her mailing list up and running. In fact, the work I’ve done for Unilever has also been about mailing lists. Mailing Lists are clearly the new blogs (in my world anyway).

3. We published a magazine this year! For a client who shall (for the time being) remain nameless. We are the souls of discretion at Miramus, you know.

4. I wrote a book this year! Only a short one, but it was great. Another one I can’t actually talk about (it’s like being a spy only with digital content and eye strain).

5. I edited a book this year! Coming soon the Stresshacker store – watch this space!

6. Alex Milway’s latest book came out: Pigsticks & Harold and the Tuptown Thief. It’s a whodunnit for 5-year-olds.

7. Dork Adore is still growing strong! We have an amazing new mailout (see, Mailing Lists again) and loads of great competitions in the pipeline. Come visit!

8. I’m writing another book! This one’s for me.

9. And I’m concocting new plans for a project. Sign up for my mailing list if you are interested (I admit it, I am obsessed with mailing lists) It’s over on the right. You probably won’t be interested if you haven’t given birth in the past 5 years. But you’re still welcome to sign up!

10. I joined the PTA. Against all advice, reason and common sense and with new contracts in the pipeline, I agreed to spend my evening editing a constitution and reading about quorums (quora?)

That sort of became about me rather than my company towards the end there…

Anyway, if you want to get hold of me, I’m here, on Twitter, on Dork Adore and on email.