Leap Podcast Episode 3: Web celeb Gia Milinovich

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As a blogger and tech journalist working in 2005, Gia Milinovich was something of a hero of mine. She wrote about all manner of nerd things and introduced me to this bloke Professor Brian Cox (her husband and some kind of physics whizz, apparently).

In 2009, when she agreed to write a column for ParentDish for me, I was pretty chuffed.

So imagine my joy when in 2015 she agreed to let me come round her house, meet her Devon Rexes and sit in her kitchen recording episode three of the LEAP podcast.

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More podcasts on their way soon! Next up we have the erudite, insightful and slightly sweary Joanne Mallon. 

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LEAP Podcast E2 – Nancy Cruickshank, founder of Handbag.com and MyShowcase.com

Katie Lee LEAP Podcast - Nancy CruickshankIt’s here people! Against all odds, in spite of technical troubles, weird popping noises, missing files, knee operations and Apple upgrades: LEAP Podcast Episode Two has landed!

Nancy Cruickshank – Katie Lee

Listen to the founder of Handbag.com and My Showcase talk about life before and after children – including some excellent tales about breastmilk, vomiting and early spanx.


Life Exists After Parenthood!

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PS. If you like this, you can listen to the first one here.

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Here’s what I remember about going back to work properly after having my first daughter.

  1. Katie Lee CecilyI felt weird, lumpy and my centre of gravity had shifted thanks to giant milk-filled mammaries and a recently acquired excess layer of cake-based flabbage.
  2. I was in constant fear of not just leaking a bit of milk, but actually flooding the local area.
  3. My vagina still hurt.

I’d barely had a full night’s sleep in nine months and whenever I did sleep, I ground my teeth so much I literally shattered my front tooth. So you can imagine I went into those early client meetings feeling serene, relaxed, in control and ready to take on the world. I was back! I was still fabulous! I was… wait a second, is that dried biscuit or poo on my top?

The first big meeting I had with a potential new client was like a bad episode of Ally McBeal. It was a farce of epic proportions. And prat-falling her way through the whole thing like a lactating Bridget Jones was me.

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She was just a stressed out mom until she discovered this simple trick

7-DAY EMOTIONAL UPGRADE - (1)…Just kidding. There is no simple trick. Sorry stressed moms (or mums if you will, which I… will). Please just continue drinking wine.

Anyway, I’ve just always wanted to write one of those Upworthy headlines and none of my current clients would be seen dead using an open-loop clickbait headline. They’re too classy, dammit.

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√ Do I own a uterus?

√ Has it been inhabited?

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√ Do I need more emails even though I sometimes wonder if the time I spend deleting all the emails I get is the time our ancestors spent wandering amongst daffodils composing verse.

√ Have I ever felt guilty about my childcare arrangements, felt stretched at work,  been embarrassed to leave work early, questioned my choices, wanted a pedicure, wondered what happened to that 20-something with the great tits?

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Here’s what people are saying (mainly my friends):

All so timely, relevant and funny, just so helpful in knowing that we all share same feelings and experiences. Thank you, keep ’em coming! ~ Lia

Ha ha ha – this is hilarious. ~ Caroline

This stuff is great, Katie. It’s yoga without the yoga speak. I’m going to pass it on to lots of people. Love stuff like this when it’s written with humour. ~ Ruth

What do you get if you cross the humble wisdom of the Barefoot Doctor with the irreverent wit of Caitlin Moran…Katie Lee! ~ Lia (again – she really likes the course, ok!)

The way you write has me full-on chortling at my desk! Thanks for making me smile today! ~ Tracey

I’ve just finished reading the first bit AND AM ENJOYING IT SO MUCH! Just had to stop and tell you. Especially as I want to read all the others at once.  This is a book. A musical? A film. A new HBO drama. ~ Julia

Why did I write this email series ecourse thingy?

Good question, I’m glad you asked.

For fun. Because I had some excellent guidance from Sue Smith. Because I wanted to write something. Because I wanted to make you laugh. And feel better.

I have no big plans for this course. I am throwing it out into the world and seeing what happens. It’s free and always will be. There’s no upsell. Join us!

PS. Some people have said that any woman would enjoy this course, not just the ones who know what an episiotomy is. You’re welcome to join, but maybe cover your eyes when I talk about vaginas. Again.

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