The five things every new parent should know and other hilarious columns

Every new parent needs this adviceI’ve written some columns recently that are dear to my heart – after all, who doesn’t enjoy trying to mention vaginas as much as possible in one article?

The first one – Five Thing Every Parent With a New Baby Should Know – goes into unnecessarily graphic detail about the birthing process before sharing my five essential parenting tools for anyone with a newborn. This includes Dunstan’s Baby Language, which is so amazing that I’m still perplexed as to why it’s not more widely known. It’s also got Dr Harvey Karp’s Happiest Baby on the Block technique.

Incidentally, for anyone with a toddler, Dr Karp’s toddler technique is equally awesome – although my friend reports that her toddler has now learned the magic formula and is starting to game the system. Another reminder that we’re basically dealing with tiny sociopaths here.

I also did one about My Favourite Time Saving Tips for New Mothers, which will really blow your mind with quite how far I’ve fallen since bringing humans into this world. Just reading it makes me want to take a shower. Luckily I had one last night.

Parentdish archive classics

Back in the dawn of man 2.0 when I was helping AOL to set up its blogging division, I spent some time as launch editor of Parentdish UK . As luck would have it, I was actually pregnant at the time, so *almost* knew what I was talking about. One thing I did know about was being pregnant. Here are a couple of pieces I wrote back then

10 Weird Pregnancy Symptoms They Don’t Warn You About

Even More Weird Pregnancy Symptoms

I had a LOT of these symptoms – some of which I’d actually forgotten about and am re-living all over again as I read this articles. Brr.

Yes, another Katie Lee blog

Because I thought to myself “you just don’t have enough poorly tended personal blogs kicking around the internet”.

But this one has a simple premise: a place to collect all the witty, insightful, clever, brilliant and sometimes terrifying words I write for one of my websites, or a client’s website, or a newspaper or magazine.

Just anything at all that I may have written at some point in my life.

I’m slowly adding everything. It may take some time: I’ve written a LOT of internet.

What Katie Wrote

Enjoying the Slow Life with Jorg & Olif

Slow Life Company I’ve been having a lovely time editing a Slow Life Magazine for the wonderful Jorg & Olif, a Dutch Bicycle company.

This is a perfect fit for me, since it gives me the chance to write about things like:

All of these articles are dream pieces, combining online geekery, camping, Dutch stuff (when not buying Dutch tents, I’m buying Dutch child seats for bicycles), a long-standing obsession with the Small House Movement, lifehacking and general eco-worrying.

If you want to read more of my pieces for Jorg & Olif (and don’t worry, I don’t write the whole site — otherwise it would just be a laundry list of my current obsessions) you can check out the Katie Lee author page.

It’s a great example of brands owning their own media, with a remit to cover anything related to the Slow Life Movement — even if that means writing about and linking to other bicycle brands.

Jorg & Olif is  a great company, with true vision and a fantastic ethic. I’m proud to be working with them.

Slow Life Movement Magazine on Jorg & Olif.

Guest editing Dollymix and other Shiny columns

I always link to my freelance stuff on here, but never the columns I write for Shiny Media blogs. It’s time to redress that balance!

I’m currently guest-editing Dollymix, our online women’s magazine, while the editor, Cate Sevilla is away on holiday. I’m really enjoying myself. You can read my byline columns here.

I’m writing a column for Bridalwave about trying to plan an eco-friendly wedding. You can read the first three here: Venue, Rings, The Flowers

I’ve also written a couple of columns for Shiny Shiny: My Favourite Wastes of Time | Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – you name it, I’ve got a toolbar for it.
and Crafty Crafty: Top 5 ways to deal with a Craft Slump | Why I’m never crocheting anyone any presents ever again.

Oh, and I did a piece for TV Scoop about how much I love The Palace.