I’m one of Hiscox’s Small Business Stars! Check me!

ShinykatieThe other week, I featured on Hiscox’s Small Business Stars blog for my work as agency founder and entrepreneur of my digital media agency, Miramus.

I was chosen to appear on the blog to talk about my experience of the industry and the importance of having contacts in the blogging world.

Here’s the part where my natural modesty leads me to conclude that I magically stay abreast of the industry via some form of osmosis as yet unknown to science:

“Sometimes I think I’ve fallen behind with stuff, but then I go out and talk to normal humans and get my perspective back. I read the C_ncentrate newsletter every week and then I’ll do a quick scan through of Smartbrief every few weeks to see what’s going on. I also just absorb information from friends in the industry and Twitter, as well as reading other industry sites.”

Read my full interview here on the Hiscox blog.

The question that’s keeping you all awake at night: What am I up to at the moment?

Five Minute Power Nap ArtSince www.miramus.com is going through a personality crisis at the moment (it will be back with a spangly new responsive theme at some point), here’s a quick work-based update:

1. We’re still working with the wonderful people over at Unilever. We’ve been fortunate enough to work with the Personal Care and Foods team. I’ve also been doing a project with Dove which I probably won’t ever get to talk about, but I’ve enjoyed immensely.

2. We set up www.thestresshacker.com for Sue Smith. I’ve really enjoyed working with her on getting her mailing list up and running. In fact, the work I’ve done for Unilever has also been about mailing lists. Mailing Lists are clearly the new blogs (in my world anyway).

3. We published a magazine this year! For a client who shall (for the time being) remain nameless. We are the souls of discretion at Miramus, you know.

4. I wrote a book this year! Only a short one, but it was great. Another one I can’t actually talk about (it’s like being a spy only with digital content and eye strain).

5. I edited a book this year! Coming soon the Stresshacker store – watch this space!

6. Alex Milway’s latest book came out: Pigsticks & Harold and the Tuptown Thief. It’s a whodunnit for 5-year-olds. www.alexmilway.com

7. Dork Adore is still growing strong! We have an amazing new mailout (see, Mailing Lists again) and loads of great competitions in the pipeline. Come visit!

8. I’m writing another book! This one’s for me.

9. And I’m concocting new plans for a project. Sign up for my mailing list if you are interested (I admit it, I am obsessed with mailing lists) It’s over on the right. You probably won’t be interested if you haven’t given birth in the past 5 years. But you’re still welcome to sign up!

10. I joined the PTA. Against all advice, reason and common sense and with new contracts in the pipeline, I agreed to spend my evening editing a constitution and reading about quorums (quora?)

That sort of became about me rather than my company towards the end there…

Anyway, if you want to get hold of me, I’m here, on Twitter, on Dork Adore and on email.


Hello Birmingham!

Social Media Training BirminghamI’m off to run a social media masterclass (fancy!) in Birmingham tomorrow. You can still get tickets for this first event, and there will be another one in August. More info over on the Social Media Studio “About the Day” page.

If you’re looking for social and digital media training for brands up in the West Midlands, this could very well be the answer to your prayers! (Although you might want to look into getting some more exciting prayers).

I’ll be running the classes on Identifying and Engaging your Audience and Engaging with journalists and bloggers online.

Social Media Training, Birmingham

  • The importance of social media strategy
    Creative and expert planning, identifying objectives, setting goals, time saving tools, building strategy
  • How to raise your profile
    Higher engagement levels, improved interaction, more influence
  • How to identify your audience
    Selecting media and tools
  • How to engage with online journalists and bloggers
    The social media press release, targeting the right audience, distribution, maximising coverage
  • How to produce great web content
    How to write for the web, building loyalty, visual and interactive content
  • How to manage your online reputation
    Online monitoring, dealing with negative PR, crisis management
  • How to measure social media success
    Insights, analytics, evaluation, ROI

Come and say hello!

Social Media Studio – Social Media Training in the Midlands


Training and speaking. Any excuse

Katie Lee Training

Blah Blah Blah

I’ve been doing lots of training recently, which is something I really enjoy. Lucky, really, since I’m about to do a whole load more (huzzah!)

I’m currently raining in-house training sessions on using Social and Digital Media to market companies and brands online.

I tend to focus on putting together great strategies; I’m really passionate about companies producing sustainable marketing online and I’m glad to see so much stuff around “Interactive Brand Ecosystems” thanks to the likes of Forrester.

I’ve also helped some local businesses recently, talking to them about the basics of social media, how businesses can use blogging and media activity to become “thought leaders” (another of my favourite topics and – again – very popular right now what with all the “Key Person of Influence” stuff doing the rounds).

Next month, I’ll be heading up to Birmingham to spread the gospel according to Shinykatie to business owners in the West Midlands.

You can find out more about the Katie Lee web media consulting, speaking and training wonderland over on the Miramus Media site (or just scroll down to read more stuff about knitting and crochet).

Blogging for your business: Mediatrust workshop

Blogging for your business UK

This slide makes sense in the talk... honest

There’s nothing I love better than a spot of training.

Recently, I’ve worked with Redwood and Marks & Spencer, providing both training and consultancy for some exciting new digital media projects they’re working on.

I’ve also enjoyed giving training and workshop sessions for Mediatrust and Internet Week Europe (where I did a session rather grandly titled “We need to stop talking about Kevin. Why your digital media strategy needs more thought and less chatter“).

I’m back at Mediatrust again this year, giving an updated version of the “Building Blogs” session I’ve done previously.

I really enjoy working with a group to find the best strategies for their online activity – and working with charities is always fun because they so often have a clear niche in which to explore “thought leadership” and community building.

If you’re interested in how a media strategy can define and improve your social and digital media presence, please do come along! You don’t have to be a charity to attend.

Things I’ll be covering:

Why blog?
How and where to blog
Creating a proper media strategy (thinking like an editor)
How to build community and use social media
Finding your voice
Thought leadership and the secrets of good content

If any of that sounds interesting, you’re very welcome to join me! I like having people to talk to at these things – makes the day go faster.

From the Mediatrust blurb:

Could a blog position you as the expert in your field? You want to make sure if you’re writing a blog, it’s building a following and meeting your organisation’s aims. Refresh your approach, share best practice and make your online conversations more engaging.

Whether you’re blogging to raise profile, be an expert or make change happen; learn to write great blogs, network and connect with other bloggers, and most importantly you’ll learn to make conversation.

Centre House
Wood Lane, Shepherds Bush
W12 7SB

10:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Building Blogs with Katie Lee – tickets.

Style It Light: Yahoo and Diet Coke’s fashion site

Yahoo and Diet Coke

This year, we’ve been working with Yahoo and Diet Coke to produce Style It Light, a branded fashion magazine for young women.

Our marvellous team of writers is being used across the whole of the European Style It Light network. We’re brimful of pride and extremely thrilled to be working with two such eminent brands.

Style It Light

Katie Lee speaking (again)

Back when I was one of just a handful of women writing about consumer tech I often referred to myself as a “professional opinion-giver”, or — *HILARIOUSLY* — “opinonator” . I spent almost as much time on TV, radio and in print speaking as I did actually writing.

Now, gadgets for women are the same as gadgets for men (before, they were the same as gadgets for men but painted pink), and yet I still find myself being asked to speak.

Which is just fine by me!

Nowadays, however, my speciality has changed. I’m now the go-to girl for blogging and the joys of social media.

Back in February, I took my three-month-old baby to the Sheer Luxe conference to tell the gathered luxury brands why they should be using social media and blogging (you can watch a variation on that talk over at Does my business need a blog?)

On Thursday, I was over at the Sheraton Park Lane to join Shaa Wasmund on stage to discuss the many benefits of blogging in front of a room full of delegates.

If you’re wondering how to set up your own business blog, head over to the Miramus Blog where there are all kinds of useful tools as well as information and advice for budding business bloggers.

Announcing Dork Adore: a haven for geeks

I’ve been thinking for a while now about what to do with all those spare minutes in between 5.30 and 11pm during the week, and wondering whether there was a way to do more work during my weekends and I finally hit on a solution: launch a new website!

So that’s what I’ve done.

Dork Adore, brought to you by Miramus, is the culmination of many hours of labour. I’ve launched it just before I’m required to put in many more hours of labour to produce yet another Miramus project (a baby girl).

Dork Adore is brought to you by Katie Lee, founding editor of Shiny Shiny – the first gadgets site written by women for women. Dork Adore isn’t here to give you the latest tech press releases, it’s here to provide the best advice, opinion, reviews and the odd bit of geek news.

Since the site is written by a group of dorks, you’ll find every obsession covered, from TV to beauty; lifehacks to coffee makers. If you want to get in touch, click here.

Please feel free to have a mooch about, maybe click on a few links and read a few articles. And if you’d like to leave me some comments, or email me with any non-crazy thoughts, please do! You can use the contact form on Dork Adore here.

Introducing Miramus Ltd – my new company!

M-logo-smallIf you want to know what I’m up to at the moment, you can head over to Miramus.com where you can read all about my new business. I’ve set Miramus up as a catch all company for all the exciting projects I’m working on, and as the launch pad for a few personal projects I’m formulating, so expect the company’s output to be quite diverse!

There’s a blog on the site too, which should give you more information about clients I’m currently working with.