Katie Lee speaking (again)

Back when I was one of just a handful of women writing about consumer tech I often referred to myself as a “professional opinion-giver”, or — *HILARIOUSLY* — “opinonator” . I spent almost as much time on TV, radio and in print speaking as I did actually writing.

Now, gadgets for women are the same as gadgets for men (before, they were the same as gadgets for men but painted pink), and yet I still find myself being asked to speak.

Which is just fine by me!

Nowadays, however, my speciality has changed. I’m now the go-to girl for blogging and the joys of social media.

Back in February, I took my three-month-old baby to the Sheer Luxe conference to tell the gathered luxury brands why they should be using social media and blogging (you can watch a variation on that talk over at Does my business need a blog?)

On Thursday, I was over at the Sheraton Park Lane to join Shaa Wasmund on stage to discuss the many benefits of blogging in front of a room full of delegates.

If you’re wondering how to set up your own business blog, head over to the Miramus Blog where there are all kinds of useful tools as well as information and advice for budding business bloggers.

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Introducing Miramus Ltd – my new company!

M-logo-smallIf you want to know what I’m up to at the moment, you can head over to Miramus.com where you can read all about my new business. I’ve set Miramus up as a catch all company for all the exciting projects I’m working on, and as the launch pad for a few personal projects I’m formulating, so expect the company’s output to be quite diverse!

There’s a blog on the site too, which should give you more information about clients I’m currently working with.


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